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Indigo Ridge

Why I can't ethically do a review:

By Amie B.

Updated March 24, 2022

  • The Indigo Ridge “CBD Research” section discusses ways in which CBD can potentially help with the treatment of many serious issues including cancer, seizure disorders, autism, fibromyalgia, pain, etc. While CBD has been shown to help with a variety of things, there isn’t the science to back up most of what is mentioned (at this point in time). To have this on a website that sells CBD is irresponsible, potentially dangerous, and completely against FDA guidelines.
  • After starting with an initial disclaimer, it begins with a section on chronic pain where eleven additional medical conditions are mentioned. Frankly, I think it’s here that we discover the real motivation for having this “research”. The section is wrapped up by Indigo Ridge telling consumers how one of their products may be able to help with pain relief (see screenshot).  
  • In my opinion, this information has the potential to influence consumers to possibly rely on CBD oil to treat any of the many serious illnesses and diseases that are outlined, many of which can be fatal, instead of seeking treatment with approved (and FDA-sanctioned) therapies. I don’t want to get too spicy so I’ll leave it at that.