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Green Roads Review

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  • Check out Best Products to learn about my experience using Green Roads oil drops, gummies, and capsules (the good and the bad).
By Amie Brown
By Amie Brown

Updated: October 2022

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Company Info

CBD Oil Product Line

Green Roads offer CBD oil drops, capsules, gummies, topicals, pet CBD, and more.

CBD Formulations

Full-spectrum (up to 0.03% THC), broad-spectrum (up to 0.01% THC), and isolate (no THC and no hemp plant material except CBD) products are available.


Prices are average at roughly $0.07 per milligram of CBD.


No shipping cost info is available.

Return Policy

The 30-day policy only applies to unopened and unused products.

Subscription Program

Save 20% and get free shipping (save 50% on every fifth order).

Rewards Program

Please see the company's website for details on the rewards program.

Assistance Program

50% discount available to military (veterans, active duty), first responders (police officers, firefighters, EMTs), and teachers get 25% off.


Overall Score

Green Roads earned an overall score of 3.8 stars.

This is based on the average number of points earned in the categories of Trust and Transparency, Ingredients, Lab Testing, and Product Safety.



Lab testing is consistent and thorough.
Unique carrier oil mix in drops.
Lab results are reported transparently.


Most oil drops have a syringe instead of a dropper.
Return policy is only for unopened and unused products.
No shipping cost info.

Trust and Transparency

How straightforward and trustworthy is this brand?

Green Roads earned a score of 3.9 stars in Trust and Transparency.
  • As mentioned, there's no shipping cost info and barely any info on shipping options in general.
  • Return policy info is only available on the terms and conditions page, showing a lack of transparency. It's especially concerning since the policy is only good for unopened and unused products.
  • Unfortunately, Green Roads requires consumers to disclose their info to get support. When I tried using the chat feature, I was required to disclose my email address to be connected with a live person. When I tried using the contact form, it required an email address and phone number.


Are the ingredients natural and free from potential side effects?

Green Roads earned 3.8 stars in Ingredients.
  • Products are categorized as mild, moderate, or mighty depending on the strength. If you're new to using CBD oil, this can be helpful.
  • The oil drops are made with a mixture of different carrier oils (what the CBD is mixed with), which is supposed to help increase absorption.
  • Green Roads uses natural ingredients with the exception of the Relax Bear Gummies and topical products.
  • The CBD oil drops are available in natural, apple kiwi bliss, and mint breeze flavor. I tried the apple kiwi bliss and found it to be overly strong, although I did get used to it.
  • Please be aware that for CBD Coffee lab results that I reviewed, it says the CBD amount may vary, but lab testing indicates it may not contain any CBD.
  • Some products have additional added active ingredients, besides CBD (e.g. Nootropics, Mushrooms). Most are considered to be supplements by the FDA. The FDA cautions that supplements often have the potential for side effects, they may interact with medications or cause problems with certain medical conditions. (These concerns don't apply to topical CBD because it doesn't enter the bloodstream.)
  • Nearly all of the Green Roads oil drops come with a syringe, instead of a dropper. Customer service said it's supposed to make dosing more accurate. I'm not a fan because the syringe needs to be taken apart and rinsed off each time it's used, or it gets messy and sticky.
  • I had problems with the lids not threading back onto the containers with the gummies and capsules that I tried.

Lab Testing

Is there Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab testing for quality and safety?

Green Roads earned 3.7 stars in Lab Testing. They do a really good job with consistent testing. The main reason the score isn't higher is due to issues with the Relax Bear testing.
  • Consumers can verify that the lab testing is legit by scanning a QR code on the results. Fabulous!
  • As mentioned, Green Roads consistently and thoroughly lab tests all products.
  • They go above in beyond when it comes to testing for a wide variety of mycotoxins (mold, fungi) and microbials (bad bacteria) and most products have terpene testing.
  • The lab testing results are usually listed out of date order which can be confusing.

Product Safety

What are the results of the lab testing?

Green Roads earned 3.8 stars in Product Safety.
  • Green Roads reports the lab results in the most transparent way possible so you can know exactly what's in the CBD oil. Two thumbs up!
  • Products are generally free from contaminants.
  • However, residual solvents have been detected in several products.
  • For example, in the CBD Daily Dose (mint breeze), Ethanol was detected at 4,004 (limit 5,000 to pass), 2-Propanol at 250 (limit 500), and Ethylene Oxide at 2.5 (limit 5).
  • While this isn't a widespread issue, it is an ongoing one. I've seen similar examples over the last year in Green Roads products.
Green Roads

Best CBD Oil Products

Please see below to learn which CBD oil products are recommended, versus those that are simply the best option available for that particular type of product.
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Best Oil Drops
  • Full-spectrum
  • All natural ingredients
  • Nothing unnecessary
  • Natural flavor
  • Has a dropper (instead of the usual syringe)
  • 750mg (50mg per serving)
  • I used the broad-spectrum drops and was happy with the results (this full-spectrum option wasn’t yet available).
  • They successfully helped to manage my chronic pain and made me feel better overall.
  • Since these are full-spectrum, I am confident the results will be even more outstanding!
  • I’m recommending these full-spectrum drops instead of the broad-spectrum drops due to them having a measured dropper.
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Best Capsules
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • All natural ingredients
  • Nothing unnecessary
  • Virtually no smell or taste
  • 25mg each (750mg bottle)
  • 30 capsules
  • I tried the broad-spectrum capsules and was very happy with the results (the full-spectrum wasn’t yet available).
  • They helped to manage my chronic pain symptoms and I felt better overall.
  • I liked the hassle-free and consistent dosing.
  • The one downside that I experienced was problems with the lid not screwing back on.
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Best Gummies
  • CBD Isolate formula
  • 25mg each (750mg bottle)
  • 30 gummies
  • Gluten-free
  • (These are not all natural but they are the best gummies option)
  • I gave these gummies to my mom’s friend to try since I don’t use CBD isolate and her friend deals with serious health issues.
  • Her feedback was that they helped with her pain levels and she slept better.
  • Her only complaint was that the container lid was a hassle to get screwed back on (it wouldn’t thread properly).
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Best Topical
  • Broad-spectrum
  • 750mg
  • Refreshing menthol and peppermint extract (the cooling sensation)
  • Easy to use and mess-free
  • Ideal for targeted relief
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