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Endoca Review

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  • PLEASE NOTE: Endoca is based in Europe and I don’t usually review companies outside of the US.
  • However, Endoca's CBD oil changed my life. For this reason, I've done a scaled-down review and given them an honorary 5-star rating.
  • For years, I lived with debilitating chronic pain. It wasn't until I started using Endoca's CBD oil drops that I began to heal and I got a second chance at life. I want to share my experience with you.
By Amie Brown
By Amie Brown

Updated: October 2022

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Company Info

CBD Oil Product Line

Endoca's product line includes oil drops, capsules, topicals, pet CBD, and more.

CBD Formulations

Most of the products are full-spectrum (up to 0.03% THC) but some THC oil drop products have been added recently.


Prices are average at roughly $.08 per milligram of CBD


Free shipping on orders over $74.00 (worldwide delivery)

Return Policy

30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee (includes opened and used products)

Subscription Program

There isn't a subscription program. However, discounts are available when you buy in bulk (2 or more).

Rewards Program

Please see the company's website for details on the rewards program.

Assistance Program

50% discount available through Support Program for low-income households, individuals on long-term disability, and veterans


Overall Score

As mentioned, I gave Endoca an honorary 5-star rating.

This is based on the average number of points earned in the categories of Trust and Transparency, Ingredients, Lab Testing, and Product Safety.



The ingredients are all natural and high-quality.
Endoca is a true "seed-to-shelf" company.
All products are certified organic.
All products are lab tested.


Finding specific lab testing results is almost impossible.

Trust and Transparency

How straightforward and trustworthy is this brand?

Endoca is an amazing company that is trustworthy and will have your back. They are unusually transparent and go out of their way to let consumers see every step of their processes.
  • Endoca has been in business since 2010. They were the first to start selling CBD online.
  • They are one of the very few legitimate “seed-to-shelf” companies. They do everything in-house from growing the hemp to packaging.
  • Endoca is doing good in the world through different initiatives. For example, the harvesters run on waste oil from the food industry.
  • On Trustpilot, they have nearly 5,000 reviews and a score of 4.6. Endoca takes the time to respond to each review.


Are the ingredients natural and free from potential side effects?

Endoca grows its own hemp and only uses the best ingredients. Everything is organic.
  • Endoca uses top-quality, pure, and all-natural ingredients in every product.
  • All of the products are certified organic. The certification is through the equivalent of our USDA since they are located in Europe.
  • Most products are full-spectrum although there are a few broad-spectrum oil drops and a CBD isolate (crystals).
  • Frankly, gummies are not the most effective way to use CBD, so it makes sense that Endoca doesn't offer them.
  • The oil drops are available in raw and heated formulas.
  • There are no unnecessary ingredients. I love this!

Lab Testing

Is there Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab testing for quality and safety?

Frankly, Endoca drops the ball when it comes to making lab testing results accessible to consumers. To start with, the results are difficult to find and aren't linked to the product pages. The results page is poorly designed and it's all but impossible to find any specific results.
  • This is a shame given that the lab testing is world-class, based on numerous Youtube videos made by Endoca that shows their entire process.
  • All products are tested for a wide range of contaminants, including over 300 pesticides.

Product Safety

What are the results of the lab testing?

As mentioned, there are major problems with finding specific lab testing results. That being said, the results that I reviewed indicate that the products are pure and free from contaminants.
  • Lab testing results are detailed and offer a lot of information.
  • Another reason I'm comfortable recommending Endoca's products, despite the lab testing issues, is because all of the products are certified organic.

Best CBD Oil Products

I wholeheartedly recommend all of these CBD oil products!
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Best Oil Drops
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • Certified organic
  • Available in raw (darker packaging) and heated (lighter packaging)
  • Strengths are medium (300mg, blue packaging) and strong (1,500mg, red packaging)
  • ♥ These are the drops that helped give me a second chance at life and started me on the path to healing.
  • I used them for years to successfully help to manage my chronic pain symptoms.
  • They helped me to sleep better, experience less anxiety, and I felt better in every way.
  • Please be aware that the raw (unheated) drops tend to have a very strong earthy taste, that may be unpleasant for some people.
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Best Capsules
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • Certified organic
  • Medium strength capsules are 10mg each with 30 capsules per bottle (blue packaging)
  • Strong strength capsules are 50mg each, intended for experienced CBD users, with 30 capsules per bottle (red packaging)
  • Easy, accurate, and consistent dosing
  • Virtually no taste or smell
  • ♥ Highly recommended product
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Best Topical
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • Certified organic
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Protective and moisturizing
  • Thick and creamy
  • Available in 450mg (travel size) and 1,500mg
  • ♥ Highly recommended product
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Best Extract
  • Full-spectrum CBD Formula
  • Certified organic
  • Nothing is added and nothing is taken away (closest to the natural plant)
  • Very concentrated at 2,000mg
  • For experienced CBD users (not recommended for beginners)
  • Comes in a large plastic syringe with a dial for dispensing
  • ♥ I used this CBD oil extract for about a year because it delivered powerful relief from my chronic pain symptoms. Plus, I enjoyed things like better sleep and less joint pain.
  • While the taste is a bit strong, I like it better than the raw oil drops.
  • The initial cost is high at $199. However, that’s only about two cents more per milligram of CBD. It lasts a long time and for me, it was worth it.
  • However, the dispenser makes precise dosing difficult, if not impossible (it’s a large syringe-type container with a dial for measuring the dose).
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