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Cornbread Hemp Review

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By Amie Brown
By Amie Brown

Updated: October 2022

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Company Info

CBD Oil Product Line

Cornbread Hemp offers oil drops, capsules, gummies, topicals, and pet CBD.

CBD Formulations

All of the products are full-spectrum (up to 0.03% THC, the legal limit).


Prices are average at roughly $0.08 per milligram of CBD


Free shipping on orders over $75.00

Return Policy

30-days, satisfaction guaranteed, no hassle (includes opened and used products)

Subscription Program

Save 25% and get free shipping

Rewards Program

Please see the company's website for details on the rewards program.

Assistance Program

30% discount program available to a wide variety of groups (please see Trust and Transparency for details)


Overall Score

Cornbread Hemp earned a perfect 5 stars! Wow!

This is based on the average number of points earned in the categories of Trust and Transparency, Ingredients, Lab Testing, and Product Safety.



Most products are USDA-certified organic.
The ingredients are 100% natural.
There's thorough and consistent lab testing.
Lab testing shows the CBD oil is clean and pure.


I can't think of any.
Still thinking about it, I promise.
Nope! There aren't any cons.
Cornbread Hemp really is that amazing!

Trust and Transparency

How straightforward and trustworthy is this brand?

Cornbread Hemp earned a solid 5 stars in Trust and Transparency. They are one of the most reputable, straightforward, and trustworthy brands out there.
  • The return policy is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and is completely hassle-free.
  • Cornbread Hemp has a good reputation and doesn't appear to have been involved in any lawsuits.
  • There are product reviews on the website that can be sorted.
  • The 30% discount programs are available to military (active-duty, veterans, dependents), first responders (firefighters, police officers, EMTs), medical (doctors, nurses, medical staff), teachers (pre-K, K-12, professors), and disadvantaged (disabled, low-income, unemployed).


Are the ingredients natural and free from potential side effects?

Cornbread Hemp earned 4.9 stars in Ingredients. All of the products are made with natural ingredients that are high-quality, and there are no unnecessary additives.
  • All of the products are full-spectrum (up to 0.3% THC).
  • Cornbread Hemp CBD oil is unique in that it's made from the hemp flower/bud with no stems, stalks, or leaves (like most companies use). They call it Flower-Only™. It's superior quality and has a generally mild taste.
  • Their hilarious 3-minute video explains the difference (it's worth the time).
  • The oil drops are available in two formulas: Distilled and Whole Flower. Customer service explained that they're made from the same extract and:
    • "For daytime, our Distilled CBD oil is light, refined, and won't slow you down.
    • For nighttime, our Whole Flower CBD oil is rich in terpenes, flavonoids, and the highest legal level of THC."
  • If you're unsure about using two formulas, I recommend trying them both and using them interchangeably. See what works best for your needs.
  • Or, just pick one because you can't go wrong with either formula. Frankly, they aren't all that different.
  • It's a good sign that the product line isn't very big. It tells me that Cornbread Hemp takes the time to do things right. Developing, testing, and manufacturing a quality CBD oil product requires a lot of time, effort, and expense.

Lab Testing

Is there Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab testing for quality and safety?

Cornbread Hemp earned a perfect 5 stars in Lab Testing. You can be confident that every product is thoroughly tested and the results are straightforward.
  • Cornbread Hemp lab testing is up-to-date, consistent, and thorough.
  • They even test for terpenes!
  • You can verify that the lab reports are legit with the QR code available on the testing pages.
  • A few links on the product pages didn't have the latest testing results. I suggest checking out the main lab testing results page for the most up-to-date info.

Product Safety

What are the results of the lab testing?

Cornbread Hemp earned a perfect 5 stars in product safety. The lab results indicate that the products are pure and free from contaminants.
  • Cornbread Hemp reports lab testing results in the most transparent way possible. You'll always be able to know exactly what's in their CBD oil.
  • I've never once seen a contaminant detected in any of the lab testing results, even in a trace amount, and I've reviewed all of them.
  • They scored another sweet 5-stars in this category so there's not much to add. It's always a pleasure to review Cornbread Hemp!
Cornbread Hemp

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