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  • Please see Best Products for details on my experience using CBDistillery oil drops, capsules, and gummies.
  • Also, find out why I can't currently recommend most of the oil drops.
By Amie Brown
By Amie Brown

Updated: October 2022

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Company Info

CBD Oil Product Line

CBDistillery offers CBD oil drops, capsules, gummies, topicals, pet CBD and more.

CBD Formulations

Full-spectrum (up to 0.03% THC), broad-spectrum (up to 0.01% THC), and isolate (no THC and no hemp plant material except CBD) products are available.


Prices are average at roughly $0.08 per milligram of CBD


Shipping is free on orders over $75.00

Return Policy

60-days (details in Trust and Transparency)

Subscription Program

Save 30% and get free shipping

Rewards Program

Please see the company's website for details on the rewards program.

Assistance Program

30% discount for veterans, active military, firefighters, police officers, and EMTs


Overall Score

CBDistillery earned an overall score of 4.6 stars.

This is based on the average number of points earned in the categories of Trust and Transparency, Ingredients, Lab Testing, and Product Safety.



Most products are available in each formula (e.g. full-spectrum).
All of the products are lab tested.
Product Safety is excellent.
Substantial savings with the subscription program.


Most products have additional active ingredients (besides CBD).
Oil droppers lack measurement markings.

Trust and Transparency

How straightforward and trustworthy is this brand?

CBDistillery earned 4.8 stars in Trust and Transparency. They are a reputable company and have put consumers first with an excellent return policy.
  • The return policy is a generous 60-days, includes opened and used products, and there's no hassle (this policy applies to products purchased on the website). Two thumbs up!
  • There are product reviews on the website.
  • My personal experience with Customer Service has been positive (thanks Travis!).
  • There's no info on what extraction method is used (how the CBD is pulled from the hemp plant).


Are the ingredients natural and free from potential side effects?

CBDistillery earned 4.8 stars in Ingredients. Most of the ingredients are natural. However, most products have additional active ingredients besides CBD (please see below for details).
  • Most products are available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate formulas.
  • CBDistillery uses natural ingredients except for the Warming Cream, Cooling Cream, and Drink Mixes.
  • As mentioned, the majority of CBDistillery products have additional added active ingredients, besides CBD. Most are considered to be supplements by the FDA. The FDA cautions that supplements often have the potential for side effects, they may interact with medications or cause problems with certain medical conditions. (These concerns don't apply to topical CBD because it doesn't enter the bloodstream.)
  • These are the best options when it comes to CBDistillery products with the least amount of unnecessary ingredients:
    • Relief and Relax Capsules (nothing unnecessary)
    • CBD Powders (nothing unnecessary)
    • CBD Chocolate (nothing unnecessary but it's a seasonal item)
    • Relief and Relax Oil Drops (added terpenes, although they're from natural sources)
    • Relief and Relax Gummies (added terpenes, although they're from natural sources)

Lab Testing

Is there Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab testing for quality and safety?

CBDistillery earned 4.4 stars in Lab Testing. They do a great job with testing all of the products and being straightforward with the results.
  • CBDistillery does a great job with consistent lab testing.
  • Consumers can verify that the lab testing is legit by scanning a QR code on the results. Awesome!
  • The most recent lab testing results are easy to access from the product pages.
  • However, you must have a batch number to view any of the past testing results, which shows a lack of transparency.
  • It doesn't appear that products are tested for foreign matter (e.g. hair, dirt). This is the main reason why the score wasn't higher.

Product Safety

What are the results of the lab testing?

CBDistillery earned 4.4 stars in Product Safety.
  • Based on the numerous lab testing results that I reviewed, CBDistillery is great at keeping contaminants out of products.
  • The score wasn't high mainly because of a few issues here and there but nothing major in any one area.

Best CBD Oil Products

Please see below to learn which CBD oil products are recommended, versus those that are simply the best option available for that particular type of product.
  • I can’t recommend CBDistillery oil drops because, oddly, the dispenser droppers don’t have any measurement markings. For accurate and consistent dosing, this is required.
  • While I liked the Relief and Relax Oil Drops, I struggled with getting the dosage right and my results were inconsistent (due to no measurement markings).
  • The drops ran out more quickly from my having to “eyeball” the dosage, and unintentionally using too much.
  • Hopefully, CBDistillery will fix this and add markings to the droppers in the future. Okee-dokee, let’s get into the products that I do recommend!
  • Quick note that I ran out of room below, but I do like the CBD Balm, that’s an isolate CBD.
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Best Capsules
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • All natural ingredients
  • Nothing unnecessary
  • Virtually no smell or taste
  • Easy, accurate, and consistent dosing
  • 30mg each (bottles of 30 or 60 capsules)
  • These capsules successfully helped to manage my chronic pain symptoms (and that’s saying something).
  • I felt better overall and can say with confidence that these capsules deliver results!
  • If you’d prefer capsules without THC, I suggest the equally good broad-spectrum Relief and Relax Capsules.
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Best Gummies
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • 30mg each (30 in each bottle)
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Strawberry flavor
  • These gummies helped to ease my chronic pain symptoms.
  • The flavor is enjoyable (I liked the light sugar coating).
  • If you’d like something without THC, I suggest the equally good Relief and Relax Anytime Broad-Spectrum Gummies or the CBD Isolate Gummies.
  • These aren’t “highly recommended” because of the additionally added terpenes (not sourced from the same hemp as the CBD.)
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Best Topical
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • Healing and nourishing essential oils and extracts
  • Provides targeted relief
  • 500mg
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Best Powder
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • No unnecessary ingredients
  • Contains 1 gram of CBD powder
  • 850mg
  • Can be mixed into food or drink
  • It’s a highly recommended product if you’re specifically wanting to use CBD powder.
  • However, I believe that drops, capsules, and gummies are an easier way to use CBD (in that order).
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