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CBD American Shaman Review

By Amie B.

Updated May 4, 2022

CBD American Shaman earned an overall score of 67%. This is based on earning:

  • 90% in Trust and Transparency. 
  • 79% in Ingredients mainly because some products have artificial ingredients.
  • 48% in Lab Testing mostly because of how many products aren’t tested for any contaminants.
  • 50% in Product Safety based on the lack of contaminants testing.
  • Check out the original scoring sheet here
  •   CBD American Shaman has been in business since 2015. 
  •   The product line includes oil drops, capsules, gummies, edibles, topicals, flower/bud, pet CBD, and more. 
  •   They offer full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD formulations (differences).
  •   Please see Trust and Transparency for info on pricing. 
  •   Free shipping on orders over $99.00. There’s no additional info, including what it costs for orders less than $99. 
  •   There isn’t a Rewards Program.
  •   There isn’t a subscription program.
  •   A 30% discount is available to veterans and low-income households through the Assistance Program. 

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Trust and Transparency

- How straightforward and trustworthy is this company?

 There is a generous 45-day satisfaction-guaranteed return policy for products purchased on the website (30-days if purchased from a store).

  Interested in what people are saying about CBD American Shaman?

  • There are product reviews on the website.
  • On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 3.7 stars based on one review.
  • With the Better Business Bureau (BBB) there’s an alert for this business. 

  I can’t find any straightforward info on what extraction process used for pulling the CBD from the hemp.

 Prices are much higher than average at roughly $0.20 per mg of CBD (what should it cost screenshot). Personally, I think the products are unjustifiably expensive.


- Are they natural and high-quality?

Some of the products are made with proprietary nanotechnology (the science of making the CBD particle smaller) that’s supposed to make the CBD be absorbed by the body up to 9x faster

  The CBD Gummies have artificial flavors and colors (screenshot)

 I recommend avoiding the topical products based on a lot of artificial ingredients, some of which have potential side effects.

Lab Testing

- Is there Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab testing?

  There is a QR code available on all of the CBD American Shaman lab test results. This lets consumers view lab results directly from the website of the lab that did the testing and verify that they haven’t been tampered with. Two thumbs up!

  As mentioned, quite a few products are only tested for the cannabinoid profile (e.g. CBD, THC) and all of the contaminant (screenshot) testing is skipped. This is a major red flag (learn why screenshot).

Product Safety

- What are the results of the COA lab testing?

  Lab testing shows that some products have too much or too little CBD compared to what’s on the label. For example, the amount of CBD in each capsule should be 15mg, but it’s nearly double at 29.8mg (screenshot). 

  Lab testing results indicate that some products labeled as full-spectrum are actually broad-spectrum, or isolate (differences screenshot). For example, this Gummies packaging says “from full-spectrum hemp extract” (screenshot), but the lab test results show it’s CBD isolate (screenshot). 

Best Products

CBD Truth Finder cannot endorse companies that are unranked and I’m in no way affiliated with CBD American Shaman. Having said that, I think these are their best CBD oil products (what this is based on):

  • The concentrated CBD Oil Capsules are all-natural, it’s just CBD mixed with hemp seed oil. 
  • Each capsule is 15mg.
  • The extra-strength, water-soluble, natural flavor CBD Oil Drops are made with natural ingredients.
  • These drops use American Shaman’s nanotechnology, which is supposed to allow for up to 9x faster absorption by the body.